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The Hive Heating Controller

Hive heating controller

Hive accessories including light bulbs

Control Your Heating From Your Phone

Hive lets you control everyday things from your phone.   Our biggest seller is the Hive heating controller that is wireless and can be fitted in any room or rooms in your home.   This allows you to monitor and control the heating in each room of your home to save money.

Doesn’t Matter If You Forget

Wherever you are, you can control your Hive heating from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.   Switch your heating to frost mode and save money, when you are returning from a weekend away or a fortnights holiday jump onto your mobile phone app and switch on your heating to ensure your home is warm for your return.   Long gone are the days of wondering if you forgot to set the heating or have left it on! You can manage it now in seconds on the go!

Manage Your Family

We can fit a Hive heating controller to your boiler today.   Your family can then manage your heating from the easy to use app.   Kids in alone? You can check the house temperature and adjust even if you are at work!

Hive Features








The Nest Heating Controller

The Nest heating controller learns from you and your family itself. It will get to know your habits including; what temperature you like in your home when you are in and will even turn off or down when your not in.  The Nest can also sense any draughts in your home and only uses the energy it requires which saves you money on your energy bills!

Nest heating controller

Nest Heating from your mobile

Picking Between Hive or Next To Control Your Home

John at All4Safecerts will advise you on the best Smart technology heating unit for your home.   Call us to ask or enquire when your boiler is being serviced.

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